quinta-feira, janeiro 18, 2018

Parte 3

Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose, only time...

4 comentários:

Adolescente Gay disse...

Lindo, lindo, lindo... =)

Beijinhos e porta-te mal!! ;)

Magg disse...

"In your place, if there is pain, nurse it, and if there is a flame, don't snuff it out, don't be brutal with it. Withdrawal can be a terrible thing when it keeps us awake at night (...) I don't envy the pain. But I envy you the pain."

Força Silvestre... melhores dias virão.

silvestre disse...

@ adolescente: yeaps :)

silvestre disse...

@magg: :)